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Enhanced integrations


Ready, set, go! ⏲

The Home Assistant timer icon

The timer Helper in Home Assistant aims to simplify automations based on (dynamic) durations.

Spook adds a new service to the timer integration, which allows you to set the duration of a timer to a given value.

Devices & entitiesΒΆ

Spook does not provide any new devices or entities for this integration.


Spook adds the following new service to your Home Assistant instance:

Set durationΒΆ

Set the duration for a timer entity.

Service properties
ServiceTimer: Set duration πŸ‘»
Service nametimer.set_duration
Service targetsNo
Service responseNo response
Spook's influenceAdded service
Developer toolsTry this service Open your Home Assistant instance and show your service developer tools with a specific service selected.
Service call data
AttributeTypeRequiredDefault / Example
durationstringYes00:01:00, 60


Spook has no repair detections for this integration.

Uses casesΒΆ

Some use cases for the enhancements Spook provides for this integration:

  • Quickly, with a single service call, set the duration of a timer without having to got through the UI.

Blueprints & tutorialsΒΆ

There are currently no known blueprints or tutorials for the enhancements Spook provides for this integration. If you created one or stumbled upon one, please let us know in our discussion forums.

Features requests, ideas, and supportΒΆ

If you have an idea on how to further enhance this integration, for example, by adding a new service, entity, or repairs detection; feel free to let us know in our discussion forums.

Are you stuck using these new features? Or maybe you’ve run into a bug? Please check the Support page on where to go for help.