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Enhanced integrations


Don't be a blueprint. Be an original.

The Home Assistant Blueprint icon

A blueprint in Home Assistant is a reusable automation or script, most often shared and created by the community, that can be imported into your Home Assistant instance.

They are a great way to learn how to automate your home and an inspiration for new automation ideas, or just an easy way to get started. Blueprints are a great method to share your automation creations with others, so that others can apply them to their own homes.

Screenshot of the Blueprint import service call in the developer tools.

FigureΒ 1:Spook adds a service to import Blueprints directly from an URL.

Devices & entitiesΒΆ

Spook does not provide any new devices or entities for this integration.


Spook adds the following new service to your Home Assistant instance:

Import blueprintΒΆ

Downloads and imports an automation/script blueprint, directly from the URL you pass into this service.

Service properties
ServiceBlueprint: Import blueprint πŸ‘»
Service nameblueprint.import
Service targetsNo targets
Service responseNo response
Spook's influenceNewly added service
Developer toolsTry this service Open your Home Assistant instance and show your service developer tools with a specific service selected.
Service call data
AttributeTypeRequiredDefault / Example
urlstringYesAny URL to a Blueprint

The url attribute is the URL to the blueprint you want to import. This can be any URL as long as it is a valid blueprint.


Spook has no repair detections for this integration.

Uses casesΒΆ

Some use cases for the enhancements Spook provides for this integration:

  • Automatically download and import Blueprints. For example, write a script that automatically downloads the top 10 Blueprints from the Home Assistant community forums.

Blueprints & tutorialsΒΆ

There are currently no known blueprints or tutorials for the enhancements Spook provides for this integration. If you created one or stumbled upon one, please let us know in our discussion forums.

Features requests, ideas, and supportΒΆ

If you have an idea on how to further enhance this integration, for example, by adding a new service, entity, or repairs detection; feel free to let us know in our discussion forums.

Are you stuck using these new features? Or maybe you’ve run into a bug? Please check the Support page on where to go for help.