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Getting started


You want to know what Spook can do for you? πŸ§ͺ

Spook ships with a lot of goodness for you to explore. Currently, there are three main areas of functionality that Spook sprinkles on top of Home Assistant.

Core extensions

The core extensions extends the functionality of Home Assistant’s core itself. These are all extensions that are not tied to a specific integration.

It provides new devices & entities to provide information on the internals of Home Assistant. It adds a whole bunch of services that allow you to control and manage integrations, devices, entities, and areas.

Enhanced integrations

Integrations are the β€œplugins” of Home Assistant; they come in all sorts of types. Most commonly are the ones that connect to a device or service, but there are more, like helpers (input helpers, groups, etc) or ones that provide building blocks for other integrations (light, climate, switch, etc).

Spook enhances the following Home Assistant integrations by sprinkling some ectoplasmic goodness on top of them. It may add new services, entities, devices, or even replace and extend existing ones to provide more functionality.


Spook also provides helpers. The helpers allows you to perform calculations or modifications on existing entities and return the result of that as a new entity.

Other features

If it doesn’t fit in any of the above, you can find it here. πŸ™ƒ
Stuff in here is probably not really useful, but it’s fun to play with.