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Getting started

Hi! I'm Spook πŸ‘»

A scary powerful toolbox for Home Assistant.

Hi! I’m Spook πŸ‘» and I’m a custom integration for use with Home Assistant. I will extend your Home Assistant instance with a huge set of scary powerful tools. πŸ› οΈ

Cool, but what does it do?ΒΆ

So, there are a lot of things/features that will never end up in Home Assistant itself.

This can have various reasons. For example, it is just too random, out of scope, not matching the Home Assistant philosophy, violates architectural design, is still in early development, experimental, explorative, or just freaking useless.

Spook doesn’t care. He is your homie!

So, maybe, that one feature you wanted Home Assistant to have, is in the toolbox provided by Spook.

All that said, Spook is a scary powerful toolbox for Home Assistant, but don’t be scared, he is a friendly ghost, he is your homie πŸ‘»

What do I get from Spook?ΒΆ

Spook will add new features to Home Assistant and extend existing ones.

For example, Spook will add new features to existing services that you can use in your automations and scripts. It will also add lots of new ones.

Spook will also add new entities to existing integration you use in your Home Assistant instance to provide more data points to monitor and control. For example, it will add entities to control and monitor your Home Assistant Cloud connection.

For our most advanced users, Spook adds new template functions to the template engine of Home Assistant. Making some of the most advanced templating possible, but also has functions that just make your life easier.

Finally, Spook will constantly float around in your Home Assistant, and if it finds potential issues along the way, it will report them to you. For example, if you are using a non-existing entity in your automations, Spook will let you know by raising an issue on your repairs dashboard.

Spook πŸ‘» will extend your Home Assistant instance with a huge set of scary powerful tools. πŸ› οΈ

I like to learn more firstΒΆ

Even better, maybe check out the Background and the history of Spook πŸ‘» page to learn more about the background and history of Spook. The Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page might also be a good place to start.

I’m in! How do I install it?ΒΆ

Follow the instructions on the dedicated page for that: SectionΒ 2.